Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day Four - The Sky

G'day, it's Wednesday, woo hoo!!!! The end of my working week, I love only working three days it's so nice.

Today's theme is The Sky. Well where I am it was a grey old day. I took this at about 5:15pm and it had just started spitting rain, you can't see it in the photo. The sky looked a little boring being all just the one colour so I thought I would make it more interesting by shooting it up through the flowers just outside my front door, makes it look more colourful I think.

I'm really enjoying making time for this challenge everyday, it's something to look forward to doing.

Anyway I better get going, it's getting late.

Tomorrow - Your Handwriting, this one will be good I haven't written anything for awhile.



Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day Three - What You're Reading

Good Evening,

It's day three - what you're reading.

I'm reading Nature and Health Magazine, it's an older copy as I hadn't read this one before the new one came and I read the new one before this one. I really like this magazine, it is full of great tips and articles about health that are achievable too. I'm subscribe so it comes straight to my letterbox every two months, well worth it. I take it to work and read it during my lunch break, it's easier than a book to read in 30 mintues.

As you can see there is a set of reading glasses in the photo, I need them just for computer work and reading, have done since I was in year two.

I'm impressed with myself I have done the first three days in a row and haven't missed one yet, woo hoo!!! Tomorrows photo is "The Sky". That should be a really nice one to do, I'll fit it in before going to dinner with some friends.

Anyway have a good night.


Monday, 28 November 2011

Day Two - My Closet

Hi there,

How's everyone's day? I'm very tired from work but pushing through.

It's day two and that means clothes time. This is a picture of some of my clothes. Like most girls I have heaps and more than enough but is there ever more than enough? As you can see I love colour, what's life without some colour?

I took this photo on a slow shutter speed and it blurred a little but I think it adds to it.

Day three tomorrow - what you're reading

Have a good night.



Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day One - Where you sleep

It's Day One and I've already done my first challenge - where you sleep.

This photo is as you can see is my bed, I know it's looks a little crowded but it's cozy. 

The photo on the wall is one I took in Nice (France) last year on a holiday, my husband got in enlarged on canvas for me as a Christmas present last year. The pretty little rag doll I've had since I was 6 months old so she's 26 years old now - still love her just as much as I did then.

I've done the photo in black and white as I wanted to play around with some of the setting on my camera, I love playing around and seeing what type of shots I can get out of it.

Well one day down and 29 to go.

Tomorrow - my closet, that's going to be lots of fun.

Till then - have fun.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Welcome - My first post

Welcome, this is my first ever post. I've never written a blog before, I've read plenty of them and I thought maybe I should write one, but always wondered what would I write about. I saw the other day a 30 day photo challenge and I thought "That's it" that's what I'll write a blog about - 30 day challenges. I'm going to start off with the 30 day photo challenge and then complete other challenges after that. Hopefully this will keep me motivated and bring a smile to my face (30 days of smiles).

I'll take my first photo tomorrow and Day One is a photo of where you sleep.

So wish me luck on my first challenge and see how we go.

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