Monday, 12 December 2011

Day Fifteen - Technology

Technology - I'm a little behind in that department. My husband does own an Iphone and I do use that to play games etc but my technology is a little lacking. But my trusty Nokia is a great little phone and only costs me $15 every four/five months instead of $55 a month (Iphone). I only need to send SMS and make a SOS call every now and then. I'm happy with my technology as if it gets stole its cheap and easy to replace. I do own a ipod but it's an older model, but it serves me well.

I sometimes think there is too much technology in the world and it doesn't serve us well it only makes us all anti-social, but the technology that is good for the world is one they work on to save lives and help fix cancers and diseases and let blind people see, NOW that's technology.

Tomorrow's photos (or later today as it is 7:30am and I was too tired to post this last night). is in your fridge.

See you


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