Saturday, 24 December 2011

Day Twenty One thru to Day Twenty Eight

Day Twenty-One: Gratitude: I took this picture as I was very thankful to my feet for getting me home after the work Christmas party as the poor things had to trek it all across the city to get to the train station and they were hurting.

Day Twenty-Two: Alarm Clock: She may look quiet now but when she wants to be fed she is very alarming (haaa get it)!!!!

Day Twenty-Three: Creativity: I'll admit this now this photo wasn't taken on day Twenty-Three it was taken on day Twenty-Five (my birthday) but I am very proud of decorating my cake and I think it is very creative indeed!!! I know I know I should grow up as I did turn 27 but stuff it I like being a kid and I am going to keep doing it forever!!!

Day Twenty-Four: Favourite Object: Being Christmas and all I thought I would take a photo of my favourite Christmas object. I bought this wooden Santa in Prague last year and I think he is amazing. He is a one of those Santas that comes with more Santas inside him. I love him, he is all hand painted and each Santa is painted different to the last Santa.

Day Twenty-Five: Conversation: I decided on this photo as it communicates welcome to all guests that visit our home.

Day Twenty-Six: List: This was my Christmas to do list for Christmas Eve Eve. As you can see I got most of it done, very proud!!!!

Day Twenty-Seven: Weather: This isn't yesterdays weather it's today's Christmas Eve's weather as it's a lot nice than the torrents of rain we had yesterday. Maybe summer is finally here????

Day Twenty-Eight: Your Desk: This is my workspace (craft) desk. It's full at the moment with Birthday and Christmas Cards, it will have to wait to be cleaned up as I just don't have the time.

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