Thursday, 25 October 2012

Charity Cupcakes

It's been a long long day. It started this morning with an ingredient drop off at my mother's house as my oven doesn't work. So that was left there and it was time to head off to monthly cardmaking at the scrapbook store. It was Christmas cards again - yeah!!! Today we made 8 mini cards and they turned out wonderful - well wonderful after I had to buy another piece of card cause I cut the first piece of card wrong (silly girl).

Class finished at 1pm so it was time to head back to mum's and get cracking on cooking those cupcakes. I used a trick I learn at cupcake class, use an ice-cream scoop (leveled) for the mixture to make sure every cupcake case has the same amount of cake mix, so that way all your cupcake turn out the same size (very clever idea). The idea work, well not on about 4 of them but I did forget to level those ones.

Once baking was done, I had to sit and wait for them to cool off, so it was a nice time to just chat with mum and hang out. By the time the cakes cooled it was near 5pm so I borrowed mum's mixmaster (cause it's better than mine) and whipped up a batch of buttercream at home.

The original thought was to pipe the buttercream with a star nozzle, well I slightly overfilled the piping bag and it exploded. So lesson all, don't overload your piping bags, you lose good piping bags that way.

So with my bag busted I need a new approach so out came the good old kitchen butter knife. So I carefully spread the buttercream nice and smooth on top and sprinkled away with pink ribbon sprinkle mix and I'm impressed I think they turned out quite well indeed. My husband ate one of the practice ones and it pass the test with a very big nod and smile.

So the cupcakes are all ready and packed to head off to the charity morning tea tomorrow at MJ's work. Let's hope the clients and business people like them and MJ's boss too.

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