Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cupcake Class

Cupcake class tonight was really good. It's a beginners class. So we got to colour fondant, all this time I was doing it wrong but tonight I got beautiful coloured fondant in yellow and pink. We were shown how to roll out the fondant and stick it to our cupcakes with buttercream, also how to pipe buttercream with 2 different nozzles. My ones with the nozzles didn't go so well but I am semi proud of my fondant ones - they are meant to be a gerbera and a daisy. Next week we'll do the same again for practice and then week 3 we got to make bugs and bears and week 4 is Christmas ones. I'm glad I made extra cupcakes as 1 poor lass only had 4 cupcakes instead of 6, she was happy for the extra 2.

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