Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Last night's class was so much fun again. We made a polar bear, 2 bees, a ladybug and a fish - the fish was my favourite. The fish does have a tail it's just the fondant wasn't dry due to being a warm night so my fishie has a floppy tail.

I learnt some new techniques - how to use a star nozzle on the piping bag, how to make marbled icing (see on of the bees) which is quite easy - you just get 2 different coloured fondant icing and cut them into strips and place them together and roll.

They turned out awesome (well to me they did anyway), but I just had to laugh I got there thinking yeah got everything, walked in and saw a lady pulling out her fondant icing and thought darn it I forgot my icing. Thankfully the lady was really nice and lent me some of her fondant, she didn't mind as she had the wrong icing the first night and someone lent her some so she saw it as giving back. How sweet!

Next week is the last week of Part 1 and we will be making Christmas cupcakes - very excited about that. I'm hoping to use one the techniques for my family Christmas this year.

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