Saturday, 27 October 2012

Moving and Weddings

Yeah it will be our first night tonight in our new house. It's a mess but it's a bed and somewhere to put my head down.

What a day!!!! We were up at 6:30am to get ready and pick up the ute. My first load after that was to get all the fridge and freezer food over to mum's to keep cold. Plus I took over little Mischa so she wouldn't get hurt will the boys moving the furniture.

Thank goodness once again for family. MJ's brother and father were great help today and 2 of my brothers helped also. If we didn't have family today we would have been in trouble.

The TV was safe when I moved it over in my car - teddy had a good hold of it.

I had a wedding ceremony to go to at 1:30pm. So had to make sure I was back in time and showered/shaved and all pretty to go. I love this dress I wore so summery and yellow.

The wedding was gorgeous. The bride looked amazing and the afternoon tea was splendid. It was a really happy occasion.

My break didn't last long it was back to moving at 4pm. We did one more car trip each and then I went and collected the food from mum plus Mischa and I called it a night with a Red Rooster roast chicken dinner and chocolate, while MJ had a work dinner to go to at a fancy resturanat.

Well only tomorrow left of cleaning up the old place and moving the pantry items and we are done and dusted with that place but then the fun starts of tidying up the new place.

Mischa is slowly getting use to the idea of having been moved, right now she is checking the place out and wailing at the top of her lungs - brat!!!!

Once I get this place up and running and get my creative space and kitchen sorted I'll finally be able to create again and cook. Woo hoo!!!

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