Sunday, 21 October 2012

Moving on a Sunday

Moving day for the boxes today. Oh my a lot boxes at that. We did get many moved with the help of my father and father-in-law. Thank goodness for parents I would have been so lost without them today, I'm a very lucky girl. MJ's mum cleaned the walls and the built-ins and my mum unpacked the breakables into cupboards out of the way.

I started early about 8am and got 1 trip in and cleaned the bathroom before my dad arrived at 10am. More boxes were sifted and MJ's dad arrive about 11am.

Around about 1pm we need some food for fuel, so we tested out the new oven and cooked up some homemade party pies my dad had bought home from work (leftovers from a work function). Oh my gosh they were good, the best I've ever had.

After refueling we were back into it again with some more trips but on our way out of the house we meet one of our neighbours - a twin look-a-like Mischa cat. Oh my gosh, it looks like her just this one is way more fluffy and much longer in the body and our Mischa is a bit darker.

I took some party pies back to the study boy MJ so he didn't miss out. He was putting in the hard work with the study books, while I put in the hard work of the lifting (haaa sounds funny but I'd much rather lift the books than hit the books).

My mother is great just look at the good work she did in unpacking my cookie jars all nice and neat, they look awesome on display.

I did get a visit from my brother and my 3 year nephew and the house passed both their approval. I ask my nephew "Do you like the new place?" I got a cute little reply of "Yep".

We had finally had enough by about 3:30pm so we just empty the cars one last time and I head down to the bakery (only 3 doors down) and bought a some drinks and a reward - DONUTS. I couldn't say thank you enough to both sets of parents for their hard work so I thought what better than to say thank you then handing out some sugar.

Well after many hugs and thank yous they were all on their way home. So I decided to sit down for a few minutes and just take in my new surroundings (well they will be more so next week). I looked into the rooms and wow there really are a lot of boxes to unpack.

So much hard work but plenty of results.  There will be more moving over the week in between all the other life events this week. Here's to getting them all done without falling over. 

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