Friday, 19 October 2012

Much Excitement

I'm very excited to say the least, my husband's work is having a Breast Cancer Charity morning tea next Friday and they were researching prices to get some pink cupcakes. They were quoted $3 a cupcake and they want 20 cupcakes so that's $60 for only 20 cupcakes. Well his boss asked him if maybe since I like to bake would I be interested in baking 20 cupcakes for them and they'll reimburse me for the costs. Wow my first baking experience, I'm so excited to see what other people think of my baking besides my families opinion (which is usually pretty good - but don't families have to say that).

So I went to the cake decorating store today to get some supplies and found I these pink cupcake cases and a pink ribbon sprinkle mix - how awesome is that! So I'm going to bake 24 vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with vanilla buttercream and the pink ribbon sprinkles, for the total cost of $1 a cupcake instead.

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