Monday, 1 October 2012


I know I know, I said I would be back soon and look at the time already, it's now 10 months later and we are into the month of October. Very sad and pathetic of me for sure, so much for keeping this up. Anyway I am determined to do this and do this I shall. I have found a new challenge for myself, which stared back in July and I'm only now just writing about it, I know slack again.

The Challenge is 101 things in a 1001 days.

I found the idea on a blog called Scarlet Words (pretty good blog too). I thought it would be a good excercise to do to complete 101 things I've wanted to do but never done and hope that now they are written down I can check them off like a to-do-list. I love writing lists and I love crossing things off them, it's a nice feeling.

So here's my list:

1. Purchase a new DSLR Camera (I love these cameras)

2. Purchase a Macro Lens

3. Purchase a Fish Eye Lens

4. Learn to Crochet

5. Start/Finish throw from Crochet magazine (I've been collecting the magazine for near 2 years now)

6. Crochet a baby rug

7. Crochet baby booties

8. Finish dolphin cross stitch

9. Have a baby (this is a big one I know and life changing too)

10. Study Aromatherapy

11. Climb the Harbour Bridge

12. Try a pottery class

13. Cook a 3 course dinner for both sets of parents

14. Make a kimono

15. Read throught the whole of The Old Testament

16. Collect at least 20 Kimmidolls (I think this might be too amibious)

17. Have a baby shower

18. Start a vege garden

19. Own my own sea monkeys

20. Buy or make a purple coat

21. Take my nephew to the aquarium

22. Eat at Platform One (which I have already completed 20/07/12 with mum I'll enter that one up later)

23. Take a drawing class

24. Read the Anne of Green Gables Series

25. Do the Minnamurra Rainforest bushwalk

26. Take mum to Nutcote

27. Make a skirt out of Australian tartan (yes we do have a tartan)

28. Make my Suzie Snowflake muff (I had one of these for a ballet dance I did when I was 7 and I've always wanted it again).

29. Walk in the Mother's Day Breast Cancer Walk

30. Do a photoshoot of my mum (she's so pretty)

31. Photo a day of my tummy when pregnant (not sure why but I've always like the idea)

32. Do a cupcake decorating course

33. Try cooking macaroons

34. Make a macroon tower

35. Help mum make a red coat (she's always wanted one, but can't find one in her size)

36. Have a go at tempering chocolate

37. Cook all 50 curries in my 50 curries book

38. Visit Cockatoo Island

39. Try making cake pops

40. Cook a souffle

41. Start learning German again (I use to do it at school but have forgotten most of it)

42. Make a quilt with mum

43. Build a mosaic jigsaw puzzle

44. Do a Sydney Skyline crosstich for my husband (He love city skylines)

45. Learn to paint designs on my nails

46. Host Christmas at our place

47. Atten an Anzac Dawn Service

48. Buy a lucky bamboo plant (also completed now too 22/07/12 my husband bought me one)

49. Collect all of Nigella Lawson's cookbooks

50. Bushwalk in the Blue Mountians

51. Go camping

52. Once a month cook a meal from a different country or culture

53. Have a sleepover with a friend

54. Make a new dress for my childhood rag doll

55. Buy Stephanie Alexander's cookbook (this book is so costly)

56. Write/Illustrate a childen's storybook

57. Scrap my husband's baby photos

58. Make a pair of jeans

59. Make a yum cha lunch

60. Buy a Barbie Jumper

61. Buy a Barbie T-shirt

62. Throw a themed party

63. Sleepover with my nephew

64. Buy a really good mixmaster

65. Enter a crosstitch in the Easter Show (I entered a photo this year and it was proud moment I didn't win but it was nice to see my work up there)

66. Host a World Cup Soccer Party (Rio 2014)

67. Cook a Thanksgiving Dinner

68. Cook a Traditional Christmas in July meal

69. Get a hot stone massage

70. Have a milk and rose petal bath

71. Buy a puppy (not sure if this one will happen)

72. Complete more photo challenges (I've started photo a day in October - idea from blog Fat Mum Slim)

73. Buy a full set of derwent pencils (have wanted these since I was a kid)

74. Cook at least 150 different Nigella recipes

75. Sew a Christmas dress

76. Run/Walk in the City to Surf

77. Design/Create a set of fairy wings (not sure why I wrote this one, maybe my inner child coming out)

78. Try accupuncture

79. Buy a good set of saucepans (I know how pratical)

80. Read the Blossum Street book series

81. Perfect jam making

82. Learn about weather patterns

83. Cook a rainbow layer cake

84. Buy a good pair of ugg boots

85. Collect all Gilmore Girls DVDs (I have 1/2 the set)

86. Watch every eposide of Gilmore Girls

87. Do a First Aid course

88. Create a fairy garden

89. Have a home spa treatment weekend (It's in a magazine set I've got and it sounds wonderful)

90. Get my nails professionaly done

91. Learn to handstand

92. Buy my husband Lego Millennium Falcon

93. Throw dad a 70th birthday party (2014)

94. Throw my husband and I a combined 30th birthday party (2014)

95. Swim with dolphins for my 30th (2014)

96. Buy a bike

97. Visit the snow

98. Sleep under the stars

99. Buy an eternity ring

100. Go horseback riding

101. Blog about my 101 list (well I've started this one)

Start Date: 1st July 2012

Finish Date: 29th March 2015

Very ambitious of me but I've completed 2 things already and started now the blogging one and the photo challenge one so here's the rest of them now.

I'll post some of my completed ones over the next few days and the one's I've started. This blog will also just have random things as well. This blog is just for fun, I'm not worried even if now one reads it, it just for me to motivate myself to get things done in life and enjoy myself.

See ya



  1. How's the list coming along?

    1. Ok, not as good as I'd hoped but I think I was being too ambitious but there is still time to mark off more on the list.


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