Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday with Smiles

Well it's been a busy day today. We got the keys to the new place. Went to fair at a local school. Bought MJ a red angry birds cupcake (how cute), also found a few good treasures including a platter that goes with a set of dishes I got for my 21st. Went back and did some cleaning up and I sustained another injury this time only a flesh wound - I was pulling a blind up and it popped out and my poor unsuspecting arm caught it and left a nice gash. Thankfully MJ's parents popped over for a look and asked if they could help with the cleaning (lifesavers). So while I took photos and made notes of any damages etc, MJ's mum cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards and wiped the benches and his dad vacuumed the floors for me. Parents are awesome.

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