Thursday, 8 November 2012

A day of rest

A day of rest - well sort of.

I was meant to go to my mum's friend's place today with mum for cardmaking but yesterday afternoon I just felt so run down I didn't feel like doing anything. I rung my mum and said I just needed a day at home to potter around and rest plus I want to be good for babysitting my niece and nephew tomorrow (Friday). She was cool with that and understood. So today I had the day and the house to myself. I loved every moment of it. I did go out twice once in the morning for grocery shopping and once after dinner to Bunnings with MJ for a few things and I love spending time with MJ so that didn't bother me one bit.  I got a few things done today. I sorted out the rest of the cookbooks and finally sorted out my clothes - so yeah our bedroom is finally clear - only my jewellery left to sort out now in that room. I had every window in the house open to air the place out and had a lovely breeze blowing through and I lit a candle to create a peaceful vibe. Lunch was a giant mango - so yummy. I did a load of washing and hung that out while going on a little outdoor adventure with Mischa. A thunderstorm hit late in the afternoon and dinner was meatloaf. So it was a nice summery day and I plan to create more days like that at home - can't wait till my craft room is set up and then I can have crafty at home days. Awesome.


Our outdoor adventure





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