Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cupcake Class - Baby Shower

I'm up early again this morning to do a post before work as it was so late coming home from cupcake class last night. The heavens decided to open up not long before I was due to leave, so driving home in a car with cupcakes in pitch blackness with heavy rain and lighting everywhere I drove quite slowly. So the trip took long to get home but I got home.

I'm not overly fussed on tonight cupcakes I was looking forward to the theme but came home a little disappointed with the results. I do like the rattle but not really fussed on the others and not at all with the baby feet cupcake. I'd say if I had more time and not so rushed (we were running slow at the start last night) I'd get some better results but it was quite warm in the room and fondant was very soft to work with.

The rattle - this one I don't really mind. I think I'd do it in different colours but it's a nice simple idea that you could recreate for either girl or boy or guess the gender ones too. The dots along the top have been cut out just using an icing tip - very smart.


The next two are two little babies asleep in bed, the only different between them beside the colour is a different expression drawn on their faces. This one is a cute idea too but next time I hope it's not so hot to work with the fondant as I didn't like the result too much due to the softness of the fondant.

This next little one is cute, once again I'd like a less hot night and less rushing to complete the fondant teddy bear but he is still cute.

This next one is meant to be baby feet if you stare long enough you can see it. A jelly bean has been cut in half and using icing gel tube five little dots have been placed across the top to resemble toes. I don't think I spaced my feet out enough but still not really fussed on it.

should be baby feet

I found the baby's face to look a little creepy so MJ ate this one. I think again with time and less heat I may have been able to make it look better but there is a lot of detail going on. Not hard to do at all very simple indeed.

Next week is our last week of class (sad face) but it's been a fun number of weeks now and I've learnt a lot and I've decided I'm going to do a novelty cake class next term with the same teacher. Very excited. Hope my photos have help you all get inspired to give it a go and see it's not that hard to do.

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