Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cupcake Class

Cupcakes Part 2 started tonight and we are doing themed cupcakes this round. Tonight's was five Easter cupcakes and one Christmas cupcake.

They look fantastic and taste great too.

We mainly used buttercream tonight and melted chocolate too.

This one is my favourite, the bunny rabbit. The ears are made from a white marshmallows cut in half and the sticky side pressed into raspberry jelly crystals. The nose is a pink jelly bean, the eyes are choc chips and the teeth are white mini marshmallow's. So cute.

Cute little chicken with yellow buttercream and black icing with a chocolate mouth.

Another little chicken still with yellow buttercream and black icing but we learnt a new technique of flooding with coloured melted white chocolate. It was so fun to use and so easy to.

Green buttercream this time using a multi star tip sometimes called grass or hair tip and just 3 small jellybeans to look like eggs. It was suggested you could put foiled eggs in there or use chocolate buttercream and speckled eggs and it looks like a nest. Very cute.

Multi tip used again with the green buttercream and fondant flowers and a fondant butterfly sadly my butterfly broke but the teacher was nice and gave me her one. Which looks a lot better then my sad broken one.

The broken butterfly - poor thing

The last one is the Christmas cupcake. Vanilla buttercream piped with a large star tip. A 5mm thick fondant star on top and small silver balls. So pretty and dainty. The teacher suggested make a bigger star and let it dry and then with writing icing write each persons name on it so it's like the place card for the dinner table - what an awesome idea. I'm really thinking of doing this one.

Next week we are making Halloween cupcakes and another Christmas cupcake.

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