Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 20 - Work/Play and Cupcake Class

Yes it's 6:20am and I've gotten up early to write this before work. I came home last night after cupcake class very tired and just didn't have the energy to type so I thought I'd force myself up and post it now.

Day 20 - Work/Play

I decided to post my cupcakes from last night, cause I know they are play but it would be nice if they were work. I love blogging and playing around with craft and cooking it would be nice if it was considered work not just play.

Cupcake class:

Last night was five Halloween cupcakes and one Christmas cupcake. I think they have turned out wonderfully. They were all so simple again and yet so effective.

This little Christmas tree was so much fun. What makes it stand up is a mini ice-cream cone that was then piped over with a star tip in green buttercream then covered with 100s and 1000s. So effective.

Our little Halloween monster. Our teacher was saying if you just coloured him a little different he could easily look like a few different Sesame Street characters. He was really simple just some black icing iced flat on the bottom half and green icing piped zig zagged on the top, 2 fondant eyes and a few teeth pipped along. I wonder if he'll bite me when I bite him.

This mummy was buttercream with black icing smeared across the centre, yellow eyes on top and then strips of while fondant wrapped over - done!!!

Gross looking blood shot eye. Very easy just a blob of yellow fondant for the eye and black icing and then just red icing piped around to look all blood shot.

Spiders web. Buttercream fully frosted first and then red icing gel piped to look like a bullseye and then drag a toothpick through for the web effect. A little black icing and red for the redbacked spider. The teacher suggested using the spider rings you can buy at Halloween time and stick them in instead of piping the spider, it gives a different effect.

Little vampire boy. He looks cute even though he could kill you. Just green buttercream fully frosted and then black icing to make a smiley face and then pipe some black hair then two teeth and using red gel a little blood from his lunch.

They are all so cute and so easy and fun to make and looks so effective. Next week we are making baby shower cupcakes - that's going to be fun.

Till next time - bye

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