Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 7 - Reflection

Well I tried quite hard with today's theme of reflection and I thought I'd go with what is a reflection of me.
Well it's a few things:

  • The Bible - I'm a believer and follower of Jesus Christ
  • Wedding Ring (on top of peanuts) - I'm a loving and faithful wife
  • First Aid Kit - I'm caring and take care of my family, especially my mum.
  • Reading Glasses - I'm an avid reader
  • Phone - I'm a good listener
  • Diary - I'm very organised (well I like to be) and I'm a planner
  • Cupcake book and Nigella book - I love baking and cooking
  • Guillotine - I'm very crafty
  • Cat toy - I'm a pet lover
  • Rose - I love flowers and I love giving
  • Coloured Pencils - I'm very colourful
  • Cookie Jar (found at the Salvos store for only $4) - I'm a bargain hunter
  • Sensitive Handcream - I'm a sensitive soul
  • Candle - I love peace and harmony
  • Camera - I'm a photographer by hobby
  • Babysitters Club Book - I'm a collector of many things
  • Lucky Bamboo Plant - I love the outdoors and nature
  • Teddy bear - I'm still a child at heart
  • Lastly peanuts - I've been called nuts many a time  
I believe all these things and more are a reflection of the person I am.

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