Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day 8 - Something you do everyday

This one was a tricky one, I was trying to be creative and think of something different but I just couldn't think of anything. There was making the bed, feeding the cat, getting dressed but they all felt like boring pictures to take. In the end I just went with the obvious brushing my teeth. Yes it's something I do and you do everyday and every night. I'm a stickler for brushing my teeth as I wasn't so much when I was a kid (I always swallowed the toothpaste - yuck) so of course I had a few holes and some fillings but as I got older I wanted to really make sure I keep my teeth and didn't end up like my mum and grandmother - all of granny's teeth were false, only half of mum's are. So now I don't feel right unless I brush morning and night (ha ha that rhymes).

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