Friday, 30 November 2012

End of November

Today is November 30th. Then end of the month. Only one month left of the year. It sure doesn't feel like December/Christmas season yet to me, hopefully once the tree is up on Sunday it will.

Today is the last day of photo a day (will post photo later) for November. I've been deciding if I want to do it again next month. I almost wasn't going to as I have found another daily challenge I'm very interested in.
It's call Creative: Join a Month of A to Z. From JustB Australia site. The idea is on December 1 complete a post about something beginning with the letter 'A'. It can be anything you want: photo or a post, you make your own rules. Then on December 2 post about the letter 'B' and on December 3 'C' and so forth for 26 days. I thought I might try and make each post Christmasy or such. I do still want to do Fat Mum Slims December Photo a Day challenge but I've thought about it and decided I'm going to complete the daily photo challenge but instead I'm going to once a week on a Sunday night do one post for all photos for the week. So that way I am not clogging up my blog page with photo a day, A to Z and other posts I might like to do. This way it will be once a week all my photos on display. I think it's a good idea.

Today is a scorcher where I am in Sydney. 37 - 39 degrees out there. How does one cope with that? By staying inside with the fan. I completed my food shopping and just headed home this morning and haven't been out since. How are you beating the heat?

Even Mischa is feeling the heat and just sprawling out on the floor.

I've been quite productive though. I started my nephew's Christmas present. It's a portable race car track. I found the pattern in a British magazine called Sew Hip.

I've cut out all the piece ready to start sewing up next Friday when I'm at home again for the day. It was nice just sitting in front of the fan, watching the cricket and cutting out felt.

Anyway better go as I need to shower and get ready for MJ's work Christmas party tonight. It's a cocktail party - oh la la!!!!

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