Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Melbourne Cup/Cupcake Class

Well yesterday was a big day - Melbourne Cup and $100 Million OzLotto. Sadly I didn't win the OzLotto but I did win $30 on Melbourne Cup my horse Fiorente came 2nd in the $5 sweep at work so I got to walk out of there yesterday $30 richer which quickly got spent on this. I'm very excited.

We had a Melbourne Cup lunch at work yesterday and it was catered by a local charity that helps down syndrome people with work. It was so nice to be served by them as they were all so happy to be there and give us food.

We had themed cupcakes for the occasion.

It was really good as a company to all come together for lunch and then again at 3pm to watch the race. They even had prices for the best dressed.
Last night was the final class for part 1 cupcakes. It was aptly themed Christmas. It was so much fun but it was hard to use the fondant and buttercream as it was so hot. It was 35 degrees here yesterday, but we did manage and I think the result aren't too bad at all. It was nice to use different colours in fondant and we got to work with chocolate buttercream (so yummy).


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