Monday, 5 November 2012

Weekend round up

Well another weekend is over and the new week has started already. What a hot day we had today - 34 degrees. Well I didn't notice the heat much till I left work as I was rugged up with a jacket and blanket all day thanks to the stupid air-con again. We've repeatedly asked for it to be fixed but since the top bosses don't feel the cold it has to stay cold for the rest of us.

Yesterday was a special day for my father, his name was inscribed on the Welcome Wall down at the National Maritime Museum. The Welcome Wall is where anyone who has migrated from overseas to live here in Australia can have their name engraved on the wall. So far there are 25,000 names and yesterday there were 300 names unveiled, one of them belonging to my dad. It turned out to be a lovely day and the sun was shining and all of us made it down there to see the ceremony. Dad was so happy, I don't often see him talk and smile but he couldn't stop smiling yesterday. Afterwards we ate lunch at Yots cafe just outside the museum and wow good food. I ordered the grilled barramundi and beer battered chips - delicious.

We also got some more of the house finished. I've finally finished sorting out the kitchen and I'm about half way through sorting out the cookbooks. The place is really starting to feel like home.

There is much coming up in the week this week. Tomorrow night is the final class of Cupcakes Part 1, so we will be doing Christmas cupcakes. Tomorrow is also Melbourne Cup day and I'll get to dress up for work and put a few bets on in the sweeps plus tomorrow night is the 100 million draw in the OzLotto. I normally don't put money on the lottos but I thought for a 100 million why not. Finally our internet and phone will be connected and more cardmaking and some babysitting too. Then the weekend hits again and more fun again. Well enjoy your week everyone.

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