Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend over and the new week as already started. Back to work for the week today and it was so much fun (NOT) sitting in 20.5 degree under a blowing air-con. Oh well the joys of being a casual.

Anyway no need to as dwell this weekend was great. Much done and much fun had. Friday was spent babysitting my 3 year old nephew and 9 month old niece. They are a classic those two so much fun. My nephew wanted to make gingerbread men. He had to help with every aspect of course and it took 3 times longer then it should have but it was worth it as he had a ball and yes I did too. We made more gingerbread candy canes then men as that's what he picked out and keep saying candy canes candy canes. Funny kid. On Saturday when we dropped some boxes over to them we were taught the moves of Gangham Style. My nephew loves that dance, they are performing it a pre-school for their end of year concert.

Saturday was spent finally getting into my craft room and giving that a good sort out. I've got here a before shot of the room and hopefully in a few days there will be a nice after shot as I'm still sorting bits of it out. But I'm so excited for it to be all up and functional.

Saturday night was the ballet at the Sydney Opera House. I took MJ's mum with me. MJ wanted to come with me but it landed on the same night as Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory and I told him go to the soccer I'll take your mum instead and she loved it. It was 3 ballets in one - "The Display", "Gemini" and "Beyond Twelve". Great pieces and superb dancing. Just amazing talent.

Sunday was another craft party at my mum's place by Kazzaz. This time it was Christmas cards. They turned out great. Just a few more to add to my growing pile of handmade cards.

The rest of Sunday was spent tidying up again and I cooked my first roast dinner for the new place and I was very happy with the oven and the fact I could finally cook again properly after 6 months of no oven.

Very happy Cupcakes Part 2 is going ahead tomorrow night and wasn't cancelled at the last minute. There is only going to be 4 in the class and there is meant to be 5 people or they cancel it but they have decided not to cancel this time - YEAH!!!! Very excited, so another 4 weeks of cupcake classes. Woo Hoo!!!!

I decided to experiment with dinner tonight with a twist on a one of my old standbys - tomato chicken. It's just tomato soup mixed with a packet of french onion soup mix and poured over chicken legs and baked. Well I've found out the hard way I can't have french onion soup mix thanks to our good friend 621 (MSG) but I love the flavour the tomato soup gives the chicken. So I experimented with using a tablespoon of gluten-free plain flour instead and drum roll please............ yeah it worked and tastes the same. So now I'll just have to try it with my other two stand-bys honey baked chicken and apricot chicken and test them out.

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