Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend over and a new week has started. What a productive weekend. Thursday was Christmas shopping, Friday cardmaking, Saturday was cake decorating Christmas party, Saturday night was the Senior Pastor's farewell at our church and Sunday was spent setting up my birthday dolls and breakables and further sorting and setting up of my craft room, we also had the plumber come round to put in a new dishwasher and a new toilet cistern plus the fixed the leaky sink too.

Cake decorating had their yearly Christmas party, so the demos were obviously Christmas themed. I won one of the cupcakes (the one with the Santa hat) and bought that home to MJ who took one bite and threw it in the bin (taste disgusting).

The one I bought home

Sunday was spent further tidying up the place. I set up my birthday dolls quite nicely and my craft room is coming along (no picture till its finished). The plumber turned up and we got a new dishwasher (yeah) and they fixed the leaky toilet and sink (double yeah). They were here for 4 hours on a Sunday (don't want to know that cost).

Well another week started and it's my longer week of work this week. Cupcakes again tomorrow night and maybe even putting the Christmas tree up this week (we'll see what happens).

Have a good week.

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