Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend again is over and another week has started. It feels like only yesterday I was writing last weekend's roundup. Oh well.

Much done again and not so much done too. Thursday afternoon after work was spent napping with Mischa and watching cricket but I did get up to go to Zumba. Friday was productive with the fruit market etc. Saturday was spent watching DVDs with a friend and MJ getting new/used furniture for our house (dining table and tv unit - thanks MJ's Grandma) and some gardening (the place looks so much better) and Saturday night was successful cooking of a gluten-free/dairy-free lasagne . Yeah I can finally eat lasagne again and not get sick = Awesome. Sunday morning was spent at church and then afterwards Christmas shopping, only 2 gifts left to go. MJ did get a new toy to play with - Blower Vac to suck all the leaves up from the garden. Thank you Big W for ringing up Vac for only $50 and not the advertised $98 - woo hoo!!!! He had to use it straight away but did wait till the day had cooled off a bit considering it was 35 degrees.

MJ's new toy

This week much ahead - cupcake class tomorrow night, parents over for dinner Wednesday night, babysitting niece and nephew Friday and MJ's work Christmas party Friday night and then an awesome weekend - more on that later.

Hope you are all going well and have a super week - what are you all up to?

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