Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Roundup

Well I have certainty fulfilled item 46 on my 101 list - 'Host Christmas at our place'. I did so 3 times. My family on the 23rd, MJ's family on the 25th and my extended family on the 27th. So that item is well and truly ticked off the list.

Christmas was fun. I did get more Christmassy this year then I have in the past so that was a bonus. It was nice having everyone around and catching up and of course getting presents, but I love giving presents the most and seeing the looks on peoples faces when they rip the wrapping off to reveal the goodies inside.

Christmas Day was a wet one, with the heavens opening up outside, and in our case also inside. We had a little bit of a leak, thankfully was fixed up ok and we'll have to let the real estate know when they re-open in the new year.

I was very good and was careful what I ate and didn't over eat, but that still didn't stop me getting an upset tummy for the pass few days - maybe I've just overdone it with all the hosting and my body can't take no more.

Now that Christmas is all over for another year, things can settle down again and routine can ensure. 

Here are a few snap shots to sum up the mayhem and mischief that has occurred over the past week. I'll sum up my Christmas cooking adventures in tomorrows post.

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