Monday, 3 December 2012

Creative: A Month of: C is for Catch up (aka weekend roundup)

C is for Catch up. It’s my weekend round up with a twist. I’m being Creative today by combining all my posts into the one today for one big exciting post.
This weekend was extremely hot with temps reaching up to 41 degrees (insane). Thursday after work was spent with my niece and nephew. Friday was spent cutting out felt pieces for my nephew’s Christmas present while sitting with the fan on me all day and watching us Aussies terribly losing in the cricket – no number 1 ranking for us now.

Friday night was interesting. MJ’s work Christmas party. It was interesting to people watch. MJ is an accountant and there were a number of the business’ clients and accountant friends. I got all nice and dress up and the cocktail food was really good: kangaroo steak with beetroot jam (just tasted like a beef steak but softer), spring rolls (ok), veal schnitzel (yuck), salt and pepper squid (the best), lamb kebabs (yuck) and scallops with wasabi mash (oh so yummy that one) and then afterwards chocolate brownies (very good). I was proud watching MJ talking to all the clients (some worth more money then I’ll see in a lifetime) with such ease and confidence. This job has given him so much confidence that I have never seen in him before, normally he is quite awkward around new people and new situations but wow he just struck up conversations and spoke so easy, it made me smile to watch him, so proud. A few of them got a little drunk and his boss was quite vocal by the end of the night, ha ha.
Me - looking good (I hope)

Kangaroo steak with beetroot jam

Scallops with wasabi mash
Saturday I had the privilege of minding my nephew while my brother and sister-in-law moved house. I didn’t mind at all as I love minding him plus I got out of moving things on a 41 degree day. We had a ball. We played guitar hero (sort of as he is only 3), ate ice blocks, played doctors, asked many questions, played cars, watched concrete men pouring concrete, asked many questions, watched Bug’s Life on DVD, ate ravioli, and played guitar hero again once Uncle MJ came back home and of course asked many questions (very cute). It was really fun just hanging out with him, he always makes me laugh.
Checking Bob's blood pressure
Saturday a childhood dream (another C) was fulfilled. I got to see the Australian Ballet perform Swan Lake at the Opera House. Oh wow was it beautiful, the dancing was superb and oh so amazing. The way Odette danced on her toes so much was incredible. It was new choreography but they keep the original choreography for Act II the famous scene of the lake. Wow it was just wow!!!
My program
Sunday was spent sleeping in then general cleaning and tidying up plus the best part the Christmas tree and decorations. The house looks lovely. I always love putting the tree up and see all the decorations out again.
Photo a Day December:
Saturday Day 1: 8 O’clock. I find this picture funny as it looks like the clock is saying ‘BOO’
Sunday Day 2: Peace. Peaceful Mischa, thank you for helping me with the decorating.
Monday Day 3: Something you held. My new Squires Kitchen Bake School magazine I picked up at the paper shop today. So many creations to create.
This week is fun again. Tomorrow night is my last night of cupcakes (sad face). Thursday I’ve got 3 friends coming over for a mini Christmas party, I’m putting out a little Christmas treat spread (test out my cupcake skills). Then it’s the weekend again with a few things planned. This Friday watch out for a special blog post. I’ll be posting about a blog that inspires me. Keeping watching for that.
Hope you all have a good week and I’ll see you soon.

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