Thursday, 6 December 2012

Creative: A Month of: F is for Friendship

What a fun night.

Tonight I had 3 friends over for a little Christmas treat party so we could all have one big catch up before Christmas. It was a blast. We are the biggest bunch of misfits that seem to just go so well together.

I made some chocolate cupcakes and mint choc chip cupcakes. I practiced my Rudolph I learnt in class out and he looked pretty good I think - the girls liked him. I didn't have time to bake some cookies so I walked down to the bakery and got 4 large gingerbread men. My friend Dan loves cookies, she is obsessed with them, so I had to make sure I had some cookies for her.

Cupcake stand only $4 from Big W

Trying to be healthy with some fruit on offer!!!

My friend Jan gave me a really nice Christmas present and an early Birthday one too. It's so nice to have a friend like her, she really remembers things you say and what you like. I got spoilt - a full set of 72 derwents (something I've wanted for ages) and for my birthday a movie cell set of The Little Mermaid (one of my favourite Disney movies). How sweet is that.

We had such a laugh, my friend Rit is 38 weeks pregnant and we decided to see who's tummy was bigger and all stuffed cushions up our shirts.

F is for Friendship - Forever Fun!!!

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