Friday, 7 December 2012

Creative: A Month of: G is for giving back

G is for Giving Back.

Today I'm going to share with you about a blog that inspires me and shows me other ways to view the world and interesting thoughts. I'm giving back by sharing this blog with other so they to can read and be inspired and give a fellow blogger new readership.

This particular blogger is close to my heart - my brother-in-law 'K'. My brother-in-law 'K'is a wonderful man, he lives in England and is happily married to my brother. I meet 'K' back in 2009 when my brother 'W' bought him over for Christmas. The whole family fell in love with 'K' and he just fitted right in with the rest of us bunch of crazies.

'K' started his blog on the 31st of August this year, the next day the 1st of September was his 42nd birthday. He had read a poster containing the words "No-one is silent, but many are not heard. Work to change this." 'K' saw this as an invitation and a challenge. Here is a quote from his first post that explains his motivation.

"I read this as an invitation and a challenge. This blog is an attempt to be heard, not just for myself, but for other lesbian and gay Christians who struggle with their sexual orientation in faith communities that judge them, at best, to be defective heterosexuals, rather than recognising and valuing the gifts and insights that embracing their diversity can bring."

'K' works as a social worker for a drop in centre for local LGBT teens in England, he does marvelous work there helping kids out when no one else will.

The reason K's blog inspires me is because he has just a wonderful way of writing so fluent and just reaches different depths that I wouldn't have thought of. I started reading K's blog when he to decided to complete Fat Mum Slims photo a day challenge. 'K' just took it to a whole new level and thought about the daily hints so differently to mine. I thought of the images so real as in it said tree so I took a picture of a tree. Where 'K' just saw beyond that and saw metaphors. It was so fun seeing what he came up with each time, things I would never have thought of at all.

So I hope you head over and read his blog and have a poke around and see what you come up with.

I know 'K' is going to read this as I asked if I could share first and I told him I'd send a link. So to you 'K' I'm very proud of your achievements and also proud to call you my brother. Love you.


  1. Thank you CJ! Lovely to get such great feedback and support - smiles from across the miles K x


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