Saturday, 8 December 2012

Creative: A Month of: H is for Hungry

H is for Hungry!!!!!

As part of my 101 list I want to work my way through 150 different Nigella meals and all 50 curry from my Indian curry book.

Well earlier this week I did number 1 out of my Nigella list and tonight I tackled my first Indian curry.

Be prepared for an education (sort of)

First up on Monday night I cooked my first Nigella meal of the 150 and it's the best one of all - Mustard Pork Chops and Gnocchi. I've cooked this one so many times and oh my gosh!!!!! It's just awesome and so so so yummy. I'm glad I cooked it before I ever saw Nigella cook in on her show "Nigella Express' as when I watched her cook it, the dish looked foul and yuck. But when I cook it, it still doesn't have the greatest look but it sure does have the greatest taste.

I've got a notebook with a review system set up. So my review for this dish is:

1. Title - Mustard Pork Chops and Gnocchi
    Book/Page # - Nigella Express Page 11
    Date cooked - 3/12/12
    Review out of 5 - 5 +++++++
    Eat again - YES PLEASE
    Notes - Awesome, one of my staple treat dinners.


What mine looked like

What the book's looked like

Tonight I had a go at cooking my first Indian curry from my 50 Great Curries of India book - Lamb Rogan Josh.

It was easy to prepare and cook, the only downside was I burnt my tummy with hot liquid that I spilt onto the hotplate which in turn spat out right onto my tummy straight through my t-shirt - OUCH!!!!

I wasn't sure how to serve it up with all the rice and liquid involved so a number of bowls/plates were used (thank goodness for dishwashers).

I've also set up a review system for these dishes too. So my review for this dish is:

1. Title - Lamb Rogan Josh
    Date cooked - 8/12/12
    Review out of 5 - 3.5 (it was nice but it didn't taste like the one you buy)
    Eat again - Maybe (but I might use diced lamb instead)
    Notes - Don't burn tummy again


What mine looked like

What the book's looked like

My poor burnt tummy - thank you ice pack

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