Friday, 14 December 2012

Creative: A Month of: N is for New

N is for New. Today I tried something new - I cook Macarons for the first time.

I've always wanted to try and cook macarons (see 101 list - item 33, now I can cross it off). I bought Adriano Zumbo's boxed mix Passionfruit Macarons from Woolworths on special and the box has been sitting in my cupboard for 3 months now and I thought I need a reason/time to cook them. Today is Mischa's 9th birthday so I've used this as my reason to give them ago. Next time I'd like to try making them from scratch.

This boxed mix was pretty easy to follow and would recommended giving it ago. My only downside was didn't make 40 shells only 30 (but whenever I cook I never make the amount it says it should make) and  there wasn't enough filling so you could only put a little bit of filling in macaron. But besides that, it was perfect - good result.

I tested out my new macaron cooking sheet I purchased of Ebay with my Melbourne cup winnings. It was really good to use and helped make sure every macaron was the same size.

My supervisor (aka the birthday girl) was happy to watch me, while hanging around my feet.

Everything came in the box, even a template for circles (didn't use due to my tray). All I had to add was 1/4 cup of water to the macaron mix and 20g butter to filling mix.

This is the passionfruit meringue mix which you add 1/4 cup of water.

It took ages to finally thicken up, I thought my mixer was going to overheat. It was so hot to touch - well it was only a $30 cheapy from Big W. Can't wait till I can afford a proper one.

My supervisor decided to take a nap.

Once at the stiff stage, shift in the almond mix and stir with a spatula, then it's ready to pipe.

Piping bags included (this box missed nothing).

All piped out and ready for the oven

Just about ready to come out

Cooling off stage. As you can see this is my first time, they aren't pretty looking at all.

 I did get 2 perfect shells - very proud.

The rest of my sad looking shells.

The passionfruit filling mixed with 20g of butter. There wasn't very much of it, disappointing but oh so yummy.

 Ready to pipe.

Piping out onto my perfect shells.

All done and sandwiched together.

 My perfect one, I ate it straight away - oh so yum!!!

Next time I'd like to make it from scratch - one of these beauties - so many to choose from.

The birthday girl was happy. Well she didn't get them but it was fun pretending.

I'd rate this product 9 out of 10. It loses a point for not enough filling. Plus you really do need a good mixer for this.

I'm proud I gave something new a go. It was a lot of fun.

One last thing, here is a video of Mischa have some birthday fun. Enjoy

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