Saturday, 22 December 2012

Creative: A Month of: T is for Table Decoration

Yes I'm 2 days late in putting this one up, this was Thursday's post but by the time I remembered after such a busy day it was 11:30pm and the photo was on the camera and I wasn't getting out of bed.

So here we are:

T is for Table Decoration:

Friday was my birthday so on Thursday I was out at the flower markets getting some pretty gerberas and baby's breath to decorate the table with. I'm very impressed with the outcome and was feeling very bright and cheerful all ready for the next day of birthday madness.

Also on Thursday I baked and decorated my birthday cupcakes which turned out stunning (see next blog post) and got all the Christmas food shopping done and dusted, so hopefully no going to the shops for me before January next year!!!! We hope - fingers crossed.

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