Saturday, 22 December 2012

Creative: A Month of: U is for Unique (My 28th)

U is for Unique - I'm always told I'm very unique!

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. I had a fun day.Very blessed.

It's a tradition with my mum to go out to morning tea together. We went to the local cafe and I got the most yummiest chocolate mousse cake and an orange juice. Mum had an ice coffee with a chocolate eclair. Afterwards we went to the Christmas light shop and ran a few errands of mum's.

So trying to work out how to make this

Some early presents
MJ and I went out to lunch at the local workers club and tried out their new noodle bar there. So yummy!!!

The afternoon was spent getting dinner ready for my family coming over. It was so much fun having everyone over for dinner at our new place.

My birthday cake

It was a wonderful day, so if it had of been true it was the end of the world it would have been a great day to go out on.

Presents from MJ

Presents from Family

I even got to cook another Nigella recipe so that's 2 out of 150 now.


Title: African Drumsticks
Book/Page # - Nigella Kitchen Page 46
Date Cooked: 21/12/12
Review out of 5 - 4
Eat again -Yes
Notes - Everyone liked it 

Books version

My version

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