Saturday, 1 December 2012

Creative: A month of A - Z: The Letter A

Today is my first post of Creative: A Month of A - Z.

Well I have the most amazing, most awesome, most astonishing article of news to share with an audience (ha ha love all the As)

Yesterday MJ came home with an exciting Christmas present from his boss at work. It's been a good year and his boss wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and gave him a brand new 64 gb wi-fi Ipad!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! HOW AWESOME!!!!

MJ has always wanted one and is always entering competition to win one, well not anymore - we own one now.

What's even greater is I get to use it more. MJ said cause he has the Iphone I can put my games and blogging apps on the Ipad. So I got a free Ipad.

Amazing, Awesome, Astonishing, Astronomical!!!!

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