Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cupcake Class

Well last night was the final cupcake class of part 2. I've really really enjoyed the last 8 weeks of cupcakes, learning tips and tricks that are so easy to recreate. I surprised myself by what I could do when I thought I couldn't do anything. I've signed up now for the Novelty Cake class next year with the same teacher, so I've got something exciting to look forward to starting in February. We only made four cupcakes last night cause as you can see the Princess was time consuming.

First up is the cute little pink piggy. He was super easy to make. Pink fondant glued (buttercream) on to the cupcake. A large ball of pink then slightly flatted and stuck in place with water for the head. Using the edge of an icing nozzle inserted into the where the mouth would be to make a mouth shape (can't see in picture). A smaller ball of pink stuck on with water for the nose and using the end of the paintbrush make to nostrils. Ediable black pen for the eyes, 2 small ball shaped into tear drops for the ears and using the end of the paintbrush to create earholes. Plus just a little bit of fondant shaped like a sausage to make the curly tail.

Mr Pig

Next up is our horse. Not as hard as it looks. Similar to Mr Pig this time in orange. The head is a squashed tear drop with a mouth made by inserting the edge of a icing nozzle (can't see in picture). Ears and eyes done the same as Mr Pig. The hair is made by using a large garlic press and squeezing through yellow icing. Such a clever look - a garlic press who would have thought.

Mr Horse
Now on to our turtle. Chocolate buttercream (well it should be buttercream but the teacher wanted to try out the next Cadbury Philly Chocolate Cream Cheese spread - it didn't quite have the same affect and did start to melt the fondant but yummy to eat) was piped all over the cupcake using a round icing nozzle. Then a head is formed and mouth create like the horse and pig. 4 tear drops flatted for the flippers and a little tail. Very cute effect.

Mr Turtle
Last by not least is our pretty princess. She took some time to make. Unwrap the cupcake first cut the wrapper on one side to the middle of the wrapper to create a flat base, turn wrapper over so it's crumb side down. Next make sure your cupcake has a flat top (trim if need be) turn cupcake upside down onto the wrapper. Smear a layer of buttercream right round the outside edge of the cupcake and onto the base that is now the top. Roll out some pink fondant and cut into a circle. Carefully place it over the cupcake and slightly stretch it out to resemble a skirt (be careful not to get buttercream on your fingers). Roll out some white and cut into a circle with a frill using water glue that in place. The body is made of pink fondant rolled into a tear drop and stuck in place with water. Next a stick of spaghetti is pushed through the middle of the body into the cupcake to hold in place. The arms are only long sausage stuck in place with a flower to cover where the hands should be. The head is a little round ball into the spaghetti. The hair again is made from the garlic press and then a little pink hat and face to finish her off. So cute.

Miss Princess
I'm not going to know what to do with myself next Tuesday night now that it's all over for the year. So I've decided that next Monday I'll cook cupcakes and on Tuesday night I'll practice what I've learnt and practice out of my books and magazines too.

Hope you all have learnt something to from all the photos. Good luck.

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