Monday, 24 December 2012

Photo a Day Catch Up

Photo a day weekly catch up:

Day 18 - Makes you feel merry - Toys always make me feel merry. My dad got me this.

Day 19 - Something beginning with 'S' - My Secret Santa present, a scrapbook kit.

Day 20 - Weather - Very warm and sunny

Day 21 - Tree - The Christmas tree at the local workers club where I had my birthday lunch

Day 22 - Decoration - One of my favourite decorations I bought in Prague

Day 23 - Joy is.... Joy is eating your first every chocolate cake (dairy free of course). This is my little niece enjoying her first ever chocolate cake at my family Christmas dinner last night. She had her first ever cake at my birthday too. She got that messy with it her daddy had to give her a bath straight away.

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