Monday, 31 December 2012

Photo a Day Wrap Up

It's New Years Eve, so today is the last day of Photo a Day December. I've decided not to continue on with photo a day next year, as much as I liked taking photos I just found it took to much to always keep the blog updated and I didn't really like doing the one post a week, plus I've completed 3 months and would like to give other avenues ago.

So here are my final photos for photo a day:

Day 24: Tradition/Something you always do (eat Ferrero Roscher chocolates while watch the Melbourne Carols on Channel Nine - I only ate 2 of them)

Day 25: Lunchtime (Our back door decided to let the Christmas showers in)

Day 26: Mess (I actually forgot to take a photo today so this is the mess from the 27th)

Day 27: How you relax (We didn't relax we had another Christmas party)

Day 28: Cold (the stare I gave Mischa when she hid the back of the cupboard just out of my reach)

Day 29: Hot (Rainbow Lorikeet taking a bath to cool down from the heat)

Day 30: Something that made you smile this year (I didn't take this photo today, it was a few weeks back, but my husband and nephew always make me smile)

Day 31: Self-portrait (wearing my 50c op shop silk dress while pretending to host a NYE party)

So I hope you all have a happy new year, and keep safe and enjoy life and I hope you join me here for some more fabulous adventures and fun.

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