Monday, 10 December 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another work week has started bring to a close a lovely weekend.
Saturday was spent with my good friend at Manly. We went over to Manly Sea World – thank goodness we had cheap tickets to get in as it only took us ½ hour to get round the place and there wasn’t much in there to look at either. Very disappointing indeed. So we though now what, so we hit the street and shopped. Well I spent about $16 dollars my friend about $300. I did get new pair of shorts from Sportgirl for only $7.95, a nice pink kangaroo leather bracelet and a Dalmatian Jasper crystal that can help ward off nightmares. It was a lovely day trip except when I checked the weather before leaving it said 24 degrees so I wore jeans - it wasn’t 24 degrees it was more near 30 degrees, so regretted wearing jeans. The trip on the ferry was really good; it’s nice being touristy for a day in your own city.

Manly Sea World

Penguin eating my friend's phone

Sunday was spent fixing up the house and just general tidy. I’ve finally finished my craft room – awesome. I can now sit down and craft without having stuff everywhere and everything has its place.

Sunday night we went to the local carols by candlelight (or glowstick). I’d been looking forward to it all week, hoping it might help get me into the Christmas spirit. Well it didn’t – so disappointing. You couldn’t hear what they were singing as the microphones weren’t loud enough and you couldn’t sing along as they changed the words and mainly just had guest singers on to perform. There was one highlight I did enjoy – FIREWORKS. They always make me smile.
Today Mischa was given an early birthday present (on 14th December) – a haircut and nails trimmed. She always hates us at first and then I think she realises that it’s better for her. She’s really been struggling with the heat lately and hasn’t been well, so here’s hoping this relives some of the heat problem for her. She's funny looking but cute all at the same time.
Photo a Day weekly roundup:
Day 4 – Black and White
Day 5 – Looking up
Day 6 – From where you live/your country - Sydney Harbour
Day 7 – Stars
Day 8 – Someone you love (MJ doing some gardening - I adore that boy)
Day 9 – Out + About (local carols event)
Day 10 (today) – Under - Love is the underlying message of Christmas
Not much happening this week, which is nice. Tomorrow night I’m going to practice decorating cupcakes to keep my skills up plus I want to practice what I’d like to do for my birthday cake next week. Thursday is cardmaking class and Friday I’ll be baking macarons for Mischa’s 9th birthday (well more for us but I’m using Mischa as excuse). The weekend isn’t too packed but something exciting on Saturday night.

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