Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekend Roundup

Another weekend over and Christmas is only just around the corner. Sunday this week coming up is our first Christmas event - my family Christmas dinner. All the last minute things to start preparing.

This weekend was lovely. Cardmaking on Thursday, Macarons on Friday and the Orchestra on Saturday night.

I also did get to meet my cute new niece that was born in October 'Milly'. She was just precious. She's so cuddly and just plain sweet.

Saturday night after the Orchestra we saw the beautiful Christmas tree at Martin Place.

Photo a day:

Day 11 - Sweet (practice cupcakes)

Day 12 - Hat (I love this Christmas hat)

Day 13 - Lights

Day 14 - Something green (the base of my nephew's present)

Day 15 - Outdoors (Iris in my garden)

Day 16 - Something you made (A mud puddle for my nephew's present - which took me an 1 hour 20 mins because my machine only likes to use expensive thread - lesson learnt)

Day 17 - On the floor (my Thomas the Tank Engine train set around the bottom of the Christmas Tree)

So another week starts and yeah only two days left of work and then it's my birthday on Friday which I'm excited about. Plus while I waiting for the photos to load on this post I've booked our movie tickets to go and see The Hobbit on Boxing Day. Yeah!!!! Exciting!!!!! Still can't believe for such a tiny book there is going to be 3 movies for it, when Lord of the Rings was such a huge book and 3 movies. Oh well.

Hope you all have a nice week - what are you up to? Let me know!!!!

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