Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Month of Moments: Loved

Have you ever pretending something to your husband/partner/anyone just to not hurt their feelings?

I had to do that the other day.

MJ came home from work all happy and said I've bought you a present to cheer you up. It was a cake pop maker he found for $5, he goes "I remember you said you wanted to make these and I found this today for only $5 while I was at lunch - do you like it?". Well yes I do like it and I'm really happy that he remembered I wanted one, the slight problem I already bought a bigger one a few months back at a market for only $10. I didn't have the heart to tell him so I acted all surprised and happy and it made him smile.

So I felt loved that day that MJ bought me a present and I made him feel loved by not letting on that I already had one. So funny!!!!


  1. Yes :) It's so nice he bought you a gift he thought you wanted. I am always telling my girls that you say thank you because of the thought and effort they put into picking the gift. Very sweet man you have. Rachel x


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