Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Month of Moments: New

I got something very new this week, something I'm oh so excited about, something I've wanted for years and best of all it's pink too.

What did I get?

A new mixmaster!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

I'm so sick of using my $30 cheapy that almost overheats, jumps all over the bench and spits all the ingredients to the side of the bowl.

The other week we took a trip to Bing Lee because MJ's Christmas present of a Digital Radio turned out to not be a digital radio and we needed our money back. Well while I was waiting for MJ to sort all that out I wandered off to research mixer prices and see if there were any good sales on with the Christmas sales. They had a Breville brand one for $340 marked down from about $550 so I looked up MJ's Iphone and checked out some reviews and they were pretty positive. The sales lady came over and I asked a few questions and she said there was only the display model left and she could take $9 off the price for me. I wasn't sure as there a few dents and scratches on the machine and $9 wasn't a great discount. So back onto the Iphone and the Bing Lee website had it up for $339 ($1 cheaper) and FREE postage. I opted for that instead and just had to wait till Tuesday this week to receive it.

It's so pretty and comes with 4 attachments including a scraper beater that scraps the ingredients off the side of the bowl (so I don't have to no more).

It's been really rewarding after having put little bits of money away for awhile now and finally getting a really good mixer, plus it now marks off item 64 (Buy a really good mixmaster) off my 101 list. Awesome!!!!

I'll be using it for the first time tomorrow when I make some Apple Crumble Muffins for our work week!!!

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