Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Brand New - 2013 Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! It's officially 2013 now. Hope you all had a wonderful 2012 and here's to a greater 2013.

I love making New Year Resolutions, it's just a bit of fun, to look back over the past year and think what would I like to continue on in the new year and what would I like to change or achieve in the next year.

JustB Australia is running another Creative: A Month of again. This time A Month of Moments, today's prompt was Brand New. So I thought I'd use this post today to share with your my resolutions for 2013 for both myself and for this blog.

I'll start with last years 2012 resolutions, how did I go with them? Did I achieve or work towards them in any way?

- Distance myself from toxic relationships: Yes I did, it wasn't easy as I had to stop spending time with other people and lose out on time with MJ all on the account of one person and so in the process have lost some friends of many years, but I'm not exposing myself to the nastiness that I was having inflicted upon me on a weekly basis.

- Focus on my creative side more: I didn't really achieve this one until towards the end of the year due to all the moving and house problems, but I did start this blog and I was proud I created my nephew's Christmas present.

- Prepare my body/mind/soul for being a mum: No I didn't really get to do this in 2012 but will continue this one on into 2013.

- Create more time with MJ: Sadly no to this one, due to all the house mess, his sickness and his CPA studying but I can say we are closer after having gone through hell.

- Create a less stressful environment: Alas also no, thanks again to house dramas, sickness, nasty friends but I've been trying since moving to the new place in October and I've been handling it better with my therapist's help - I'd be lost without Suzie.

- Deepen my relationship with Christ: Yes, I have become more reliant on Him and have been praying more but it's a continuous life long process.

Ok then, I didn't do too bad with 2012 ones so here are 2013 resolutions

- Focus more on my relationship with MJ and don't let life and people destroy it.
- Be more creative. Continue my blog adventure.
- Prepare myself for being a mum.
- Continue to rely on God.
- Give myself permission to be me - forget about what others say.
- Photograph more.
- Learn to love myself.
- Love/Support MJ more.
- Continue to work on fitness (I did join Zumba last May and it's really made a difference)
- Floss more (I know I had to put one like that in there)

I've been part of the JustB blog school and the last lesson was entitled "New Blog Resolutions" so I thought great idea, what would I like to achieve and get out of my blog in 2013.

- Improve my writing (just how to structure words and paragraphs, how to get my ideas out of my head and into words. I can achieve this by practice and by short courses or books (which I have already borrowed some from the library)).

- Read other blogs and comment (I've have already started this and thanks to sites like Feedly I can organise all the blogs into one easy step).

- Broaden my horizons (think outside the box, blog about many different things)

- Online communities (search them out and get involved)

- Have fun and enjoy the process more. Be free. 

I hope to achieve all the above and much more - wish me luck. Look forward to sharing my journey with you.


  1. What she said! Great resolutions, I need to copy some. Clare x

  2. Thank you, take as many as you need!

  3. Have fun and enjoy the process more. Be free.

    This is my prayer for you sis!


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