Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekend of Moments

It's been a weekend of moments so I've decided to wrap them all up today in one post.

Saturday - A Month of Moments: Icy

I wasn't quite sure what to do for this one, so I've gone for Icing on the cake.

MJ and I went to his little cousin Gen's 1st Birthday/Naming Day celebration. It was such a wonderful time. Held at Clovelly Surf Club with a Seafood Buffet (oh my gosh great food). I've never to a Naming Day before and the little ceremony was quite nice with some wonderful words spoken. There was a great idea of a Wish Box. Everyone writes Gen a wish and seals into an envelope and on a major birthday in the future (say 18th or 21st) Gen will then open up all the wishes. Such a sweet idea.

The view

After the party was over MJ and I along with one of his cousins headed over to Moore Park to watch Sydney FC thrash Wellington Phoenix in the soccer 7 - 1. It was an awesome game, the atmosphere was alive. Towards the end of the game we headed down near the major supports section and waited for the team who come along and shake hands with all the fans after the game is over (and I got to be one of those fans - very exciting for me).

Sunday - A Month of Moments: Horizontal

Once again wasn't sure what to do for this one, so I've picked two.

Yesterday I hosted a card making party. We made some really pretty cards (some of which are horizontal) plus I got some good discounts from the sales, I got $56 worth of product for only $16.20 - bargain.

I tried to finish my summer throw yesterday but ended up horizontal on the floor in tears. I've hit road block after road block with this throw. Firstly I couldn't find any backing material big enough so I used fat quarters again but once they were all sewn up and ready to sew onto the front they were too small to be the backing material and I would have had to cut off so much of the front fabric which would make it look terrible. Well needless to say I was wee bit upset and burst into tears. I'll just have to go out looking for some new backing material and will end up with two summer throws now instead of one.

Monday - A Month of Moments: Fragrant

The smell of a peanut butter sandwich - the best. I treated myself this afternoon to a peanut butter sandwich and Milo drink. I don't eat wheat bread very often so it was a lovely treat to have.

Hope you all have a lovely week - what are you up to?

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