Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Month of Home: Door

Door - what I walked out of yesterday afternoon to go visit my dad for his birthday. Yesterday he turned 69. Wow 69, I never really think of my dad as an age he's just always been older, I can't believe he is that age.

Well every year it gets harder and harder to know what to buy my dad for his birthday, Christmas or Father's Day. Last birthday all he got was a pair of Rivers socks (he likes that brand). But I really didn't just want to give him socks again (plus too he said he has over 30 pairs of socks so doesn't need anymore). So I decided to make him afternoon tea. I baked his favourite - banana bread and peanut cookies, bought some nice cheeses, chutney and crackers and some new tea. I took both him and mum down to the river and we had a mini picnic with fresh tea (except I forgot his sugar) and lovely treats. He loved it and said he really enjoyed it.

I think I might do something like that again for Father's Day later in the year.

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