Friday, 15 February 2013

A Month of Home: Pile

Happy Valentine's Day for the 14th.

This year MJ asked me not to buy him a present as he didn't really need or want anything. But I love Valentine's Day and really wanted to do something special for him to say thank you for being a wonderful husband and I love you so much.

Well I really piled on the surprises and the fun. First thing he was greeted with a Valentine's balloon I bought at Woolworths (well I didn't pay for it actually as there was no barcode and the cashier just gave it too me) so I told him that my love for him was "priceless" - ha ha!!!!

He opened up his lunch box to some silly joke gifts (see picture below) and he just laughed at me and thought it was very cute.

I sent him off to work with some Red Velvet Brownies (recipe found at The Novice Chef blog) to share the love with his coworkers - except my brownies look nothing like they are meant to but they tasted awesome anyway.

MJ arrived home to find the house decorated with Valentine's balloons and a Valentine's banner and heart sprinkles everywhere. I cooked him lamb shanks for dinner (recipe found at Taste website) and double chocolate cupcakes with red fondant hearts. I did have a little trouble with the lamb shanks. I put the oven on to preheat for the cupcakes and totally forgot about the defrosting lamb shanks in there until I smelt burning plastic. So had to go and buy all new lamb shanks - oh no.

The poor melted ones - so sorry lamb

Doesn't look the greatest but tasted awesome


I created a video message from myself and one from Mischa followed by a photo slide show to music. He loved it.

His main present was a little book made out of playing cards with 52 reasons why I love you. Which was so much fun to create.

I had a ball thinking, planning and creating this whole day. Much more fun then just giving him a present I bought. I think I might do this every year.

I did get a Valentine's present too - a very pretty potted plant.

What did you get up to?

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