Friday, 1 February 2013

A Month of Moments: Favourite

One of my favourite things to do is cook. I’m not the biggest eater I almost wish I didn’t have to eat as I can’t really be bothered eating most of the time. But I love cooking for MJ and my family. The other week I tested out curry number 2 in my cookbook entitled: lamb with turnips (shalgam gosht) Kashmir. 

Well I couldn’t afford lamb so I went very anti-Indian and used beef - still worked.

Here is my review:

Title: Lamb with Turnips (I used beef)

Date cooked: 11/01/2013

Review out of 5: 4

Eat again: Maybe not sure really I did get a bit burpy afterwards (I’d say it was the fennel that tasted like liquorice)

Notes: None really, but I wonder if using lamb does make it different or not.

So that is now 2 out of the 50 curries down.

All the spices I needed
What the book looked like
What mine looked like

I did have a dessert planned – Mint Choc Chip Ice-cream. It was an experiment, I’ve never made it before and one heck of a mess exploded in the kitchen.

I poured the mixture into the ice-cream maker and all the choc chips stuck to the side of the maker and froze there so the paddle couldn’t go round and mix the ice-cream together, so I had to scrap out all the chips and there was so much mess. I did put the chips back in but once the ice-cream had mixed up a bit more. But the ice-cream did taste awesome in the end despite all the mess. 

All those choc chips

All the mess

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