Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Catch up

Hi there, I've been off the gird for a few days now but I'm back.

I had craft camp over the weekend (so no internet - which was a nice break) and last night I had my 2nd pottery class so I've been pre-occupied for the past few days.

I had a wonderful time at craft camp over the weekend, it was nice to get away for a few days with mum and some crazy women. I laughed and talked the whole weekend. I started a new craft and I'm very happy. Can't wait for the next one in July.

Here is a picture of the little frog who decided to make our room his room for the weekend.

I'll do a quick catch up on the Month of Home: 

Friday - Fabric
Well technically not fabric but my cards from cardmaking class are paper pieced together just like a fabric patchwork quilt.

Saturday - Delicious

I don't have documented proof of this but the camp food was delicious. I have special dietary requirements (diabetic and wheat-free) and I swear my food is sometimes nicer than the normal food. Dessert on Saturday night was the best - vanilla mousse with kiwi and passionfruit. 

Sunday - Sorted

I finally got myself sorted over the weekend and learnt how to crochet, with the help of magazines and mum's knowledge. As you can see this is my first attempt and I did undo and redo that piece several times and started another piece on some new wool. I'm so impressed with myself for finally starting it, now to just keep going with it.

Monday - Growing 

I really want to start growing some of my own fruits and veggies so I thought I better start some research so here are some magazines I bought yesterday - all 3 for only $8.95 - bargain.

Tuesday - Floor

I'm going to be a bit lazy with this one and say I took most of the above photos on the floor.

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