Sunday, 24 February 2013


Yesterday's Month of Home was Drawer.

They say when one door closes another door opens but can the same be said about a drawer. If one drawer closes does another one open that is empty and really to be filled with potential? No when you close one drawer there is another one filled with crap just like the drawer before. The only way to get the drawer empty is to sort out all the garage in there and remove what shouldn't be there and replace it with what should be there.

You're properly reading this going - what on earth is the woman going on about? I don't blame you.

Last night we had a party to attend for some friends. We all use to be so close and had the greatest of fun but not any more. We now just something that gets in the way and only wanted when its convenient. I wish I could just close the drawer on that section of my life and walk away, but I've got to sort it out and remove things and pray I can find replacements. It's hard and very sad work to do but I can't hang on to something that doesn't want us any more.

So here's to a new cleaner drawer ready for some new potential and adventures.

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