Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Memory - A Distant one

I had an appointment with the dentist today. No one looks forward to the dentist. I wasn't looking forward to this one as it was because I've been having some pain and soreness in my back teeth near my wisdom teeth. Oh No!!!

Well I had to go get an x-ray to see where my wisdom teeth are placed and what they are doing. But the dentist thinks it might just mainly be muscular from clenching my jaw due to stress. Due to stress -I've been hearing that a lot lately, you have this "due to stress" ahhhh stupid stress.

Well anyway going to the dentist today reminded me of a memory I've got from when I was 9 years old. I had lost a baby tooth and mum had given me a tooth keeper to store my tooth in while it waited for the tooth fairy to come and collect and leave me some money. This one time I woke up all excited but my tooth was still in my tooth keeper. With tooth keeper in hand I walked downstairs to the kitchen very upset and processed to tell inform my mother and grandmother (who lived with us) that the tooth fairy must have forgotten me. Mum very quickly replied "She's properly busy, she's running late, go back upstairs and put the tooth keeper back and eat breakfast and maybe she'll have come by then". So I put the tooth back and went for breakfast. Almost finished eating and there was a knock at the front door my Granny calls out I'll get it (as she was right near the door) opens it up and cries out "Wow" I fly to the door to see what was up and Granny goes "There was a fairy at the door and she went straight upstairs". I flew up the stairs and I didn't see the fairy but she had taken my tooth and left me $2 (I normally only got $1), I cried out that she'd come and run back downstairs to show off my shining $2 coin. It wasn't till many years later I learnt that it was my cheeky Granny who had climbed the stairs and given me that $2 coin. I will always remember that story, it reminds me of how much grandmother loved me.

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