Thursday, 7 February 2013

Oh where did you go?

I've lost my blogging mojo - not quite sure where it went too. I posted this dilemma on my Facebook page and was giving some advice: "It won't be far away, sit down and start typing - you might find it will appear for where it's hiding." So Lynda I'm giving it a go and see where my words take me. 

The past few days I haven't posted my Month of Home - so here is a quick catch up. 

Day Five- Patterned

These are some fabric from the Cath Kidston collection my mum bought me on her trip to England last year. Not sure what to make with these beautiful pieces - suggestions please. Any?????

Day Six- Window

Well technically not a window but it's Mischa's window to the outside world.

Day Seven - Collection

This is my perfume collection. The tallest two MJ gave me for Christmas and birthday last year (2012) Sunflower and True Love by Elizabeth Arden. The one next to them is Pretty by Elizabeth Arden also given to me by MJ a few Christmas ago. The bottle with the golden funny shaped lid was my grandmother's favourite scent Pearl Lace from Avon. Whenever I miss my grandmother too much I spray some of this to remember her. The blue one in front is Curious by Britney Spears - given to me by some wonderful friends at the time (sadly not friends anymore) for my 21st birthday. The little ones along the front are a unique purchase from a French perfume factory in Nice. On our big trip in 2010 our tour stopped at the factory and MJ made sure I got some pretty perfume to remember France. They smell divine.

What would you add to this collection?

I've been a bit low in my spirits the past few days and haven't been using my time to the best that I should (Ipads are such time wasters). I will endeavour to pick myself back up and head down the right track again and hopefully get back into the joy of blogging that I had.

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