Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Beef Cooked in Milk (Indian Dinner Review)

I thought I’d post my Indian meal review today to keep with the theme of this morning’s post – Places of Inspiration. I find Indian a very interesting place and culture and their food is so different, I love trying to give it ago. I’m up to cooking my 3rd dish out of my 50 Indian dishes cookbook.

I didn’t mind this dish, but it just took too long to boil away on the stove and as you can see from the pictures below it also boiled over a few times too (thankfully MJ is a good cleaner and he fixed up my mess). It was a nice light milky curry, but it really didn’t turn out the same way as the picture, but I find most things I cook never look like the end product or anywhere near the end product but thankfully still usually taste pretty good.

My review is:

Title: Lamb cooked in milk (I used beef)
Date cooked: 02/03/13
Review out of 5: 3.5
Eat again: Not sure
Notes: I enjoyed it, nice light curry but took ages to cook and boiled over lots. 

Yes just a few boil overs - ha ha!

The picture has chops but the ingredients says cubed meat ?????

As you can see nothing like it at all.


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