Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cake Pops

Over the weekend I decided to have a go at making some cake pops. They were so messy to make (but I love messy things) and they didn't quite turn out the way I expected them too but they tasted awesome.

These cake pops were made out of cake crumbs, next time I'm going to try making them out of cake batter with my cake pop kit. I used cake crumbs this time as Woolworth Mud Cake was on special for only $3 (half price) and that is one of the best mud cakes you can ever eat.



  1. I love your cake pops, lots of things I make don't quite turn out how I want, I consider myself to be a truly horrendous knitter

    1. Ha ha! As long as we just keep trying and have fun.


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